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Progress against objectives

Adelaide - heart of the vibrant state

2017 Objectives

2 year Progress Review


Establish Adelaide as the gateway to business and start-up opportunities including creative industries, by assisting another 60 new small to medium businesses starting up in the city.

On track

The State Government has helped a total of 23 start-ups, 29 entrepreneurs and 20 small businesses to open in the Central Business District since 2015.

Provide further opportunities for investment through more streamlined regulatory processes for property development and business which we will see potential development rise to the value of $5 billion.

On track

As at September 2016, $4.49 billion of potential development investment is proposed within the City and inner metropolitan area.

Activate more small streets and laneways across the CBD to provide opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

On track

The State Government and Adelaide City Council will invest $14.6 million to improve the network of small streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and Adelaide Riverbank.

Ensure Adelaide’s Park Lands are a place everyone can enjoy.

Progress made

The State Government is investing $5 million towards revitalising Pityarilla Park (Marshmallow Park), which is located in the south-east Park Lands.

Upgrades to benefit the local community include a community plaza, landscaped promenades for improved bike and pedestrian access, a fenced dog park, creek rehabilitation and community courts.

Get every building on North Terrace open for business.

Will not be achieved

The June 2016 North Terrace Building Activation Report noted that 9 of the 61 buildings assessed were deemed to be either vacant, under-utilised or partially utilised.

The planned extension of the city tramline along North Terrace to the East End will help to reactivate vacant sites, including key buildings along North Terrace.

Increase the number of people living in the city from 22,000 to 30,000 (on the way to our 2024 target of 50,000).

Will not be achieved

The city population has risen steadily over recent years and the estimated population at June 2016 was 23,169 (5% increase). Under existing conditions, population forecasts envisage continued growth of around 2.2% per annum, well above the State average.

Establish the Greater Riverbank Precinct as an iconic Adelaide destination.

On track

In December 2016 BADGE Constructions was appointed to complete the Northern Promenade works with site works expected to commence in early 2017. Lend Lease has been awarded the Festival Plaza's grade separation/early works contract.

Work is continuing on a range of other projects to deliver the Riverbank Strategic Vision, including Biomedical Centre connectivity, wayfinding and lighting throughout the Adelaide Riverbank.

Broaden the availability of cultural, economic and sporting activities in the city at all times of the week, throughout the whole year, for people of all ages

On track

In October 2015, the inaugural Tarnathi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art attracted over 300,000 people. In July 2016, the Alpine Winter Village attracted 145,000 people to the Riverbank.

In addition, over $35m is being invested over three years from 2016-17 to fund a major revamp and expansion of Her Majesty's Theatre, expanding its capacity from 970 to 1,500 seats.

Provide opportunities for an additional 1000 people to live in new developments adjacent to the parklands.

On track

As at June 2016, there were 342 apartments under construction equating to an additional 650 people able to live in developments surrounding the parklands. A further 200 approved apartments are in the pipeline.